Western Province Trade Exhibition & Fair 2019


The Western province has become the trade hub of the nation & the major contributor to the national economy. Western Province Trade Exhibition & Fair 2019 has been developed & focuses on creating a market & business promotion platform for small to medium entrepreneurs in the agricultural/industrial & service sector of the Western Province.


Create an Effective Business Promotion Campaign & a platform for Small to Medium Entrepreneurs of the Western Province to demonstrate & showcase their products & services, meet with industry partners & customers, study activities of rivals, and examine recent market trends and opportunities.


  • Creating a market platform for the entrepreneurs to sell their products/Services & generate revenue.
  • Creating an atmosphere for the traders & customers to interact which will lead to strong customer/business relationships.
  • Supporting entrepreneurs for brand building & new product launches.
  • Creating an opportunity for the entrepreneurs to study about the rival company profiles/ Industry trends/ product innovations/ customer expectations & feedback.
  • Creating a one stop shop for the customers to compare prices/ get information of new products & services/ find the best products & services for the best possible price.

Services/Benefits to the Exhibiting Entrepreneurs

  • A significant marketing advantage
  • Enhance corporate goodwill
  • Relationship marketing opportunities
  • Gaining an understanding of the trade & industry rivals
  • Creation of brand awareness & acceptance
  • Demonstrate opportunities of products & services
  • Increase business potential
  • Enhance company profile
  • Direct access to an audience made up of clients (Current / Potential)
  • Broadened exposure through business acknowledgements in all print materials, Event souvenir & Magazine ECT.